size / dimensions: 72x18x22.5 Im selling my 125 gallon tank for 600 obo. It is 72 x18 x22.5 tank comes bc with 1 canister filter with uv light extra media and uv light bulb, some sand, 2 driftwood, 1 300watt heater and guard, 48 led light and much more that i can give with the tank trying sell as soon as possible. Tank does not leak and is up in running right now with water. Was resealed last year
18-Aug-2018Naperville, IL +18 milesPet fish for sale
40 gallon tank, unused gravel, heater and water filter Fish I am also selling 2 small albino Cory catfish 2 black light tetras 1 white tetra 1 six inch pleco that is still growing ( he will need a bigger tank now or soon) 1 friendly yellow lab cichlid 1 friendly electric blue acara 2 friendly barbs
Octagon aquarium between 10-20 gallon with lid text if interested 630-776-2200
18-Aug-2018Aurora, IL +18 milesPet fish for sale
20 gallon aquarium and stand
I have a large number & wide variety of African cichlids for sale. 2 + to large 3 for $10.00 Mbuna Brichardi Kenyi Zebras Peacock aulonocara 2 + Starting @ $12.00 each Red Sun Apache, Dragon Blood, Lemon Jake & OB's Peacock Frontosa Large 7 + Starting @ $60.00 each


21-Jul-2018Wilmington, IL +15 milesPet fish for sale
5 gallon aquarium made of acrylic. Aqueon Mini Bow from Petco. Perfect for starter aquarium enthusiast. Everything is still intact and in excellent condition. I am including plastic plants I purchased separately and all the other little items I purchased as well: fishnet, filters, food, salt (yes even a freshwater aquarium requires a few granules of rock salt. I have a lifetime supply) algae co...
28-Jun-2018Eola, OR +2426 milesPet fish for sale
Already empty, clean and ready to GO! Included everything you see in the picture 28 Stand Lid Light Penguin 300 filter+ 2 brand new Marineland filters Thermostat Heater Thermometer Cleaning tube Ornaments 30 lbs of aquarium gravel, etc... you just need to add water and fish
Huge Japanese Koi for pond. They are healthy and approx 23 inches. $250 each
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