I am looking for used drums or cymbals in any condition that are no longer being used. I am attempting to put together a basic set for my nephew.
Looks like VHS tape and VHS-C tape goes inside to watch the tapes on a VCR. Thanks!
I could use one of those Have-a-heart style "Live Traps" for animals if anyone has one just sitting around. Let me know where and when and I'll be right over to pick it up. Thanks for checking!
Seeking any size glass candle holders (especially votive), and seeking unused white candles (votive size or larger)
Hello Neighbors, My heating bills have been nuts so I'm trying to insulate my attic. Does anyone have any extra insulation? I'll take what I can get! Thanks in advance, Tom
Hello: anyone getting rid of a decent camera/video tripod and/or a lavalier/lapel mic? My stuff got stolen, I'm a little broke right now so i'm asking (and if you need some video production help let me know! Cheers Chef
I am looking for a full size headboard for my daughter. It would be greatly appreciated if anyone had one for us.
Anyone have a roku they no longer use? Wanted to try to cut my cable bill... Thanks for checking!
Looking for clear cut glass bowls on pedestal. About 8-9" wide and 6-7" tall, or anything close to this. These are to be used as center pieces. Thank you.
Hi. If anyone had any baby toys for my infant daughter it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
Just bought a record player and am after records to listen to on it! Interested in any and all genres. Can pick up almost any time.
I recently moved and had to throw out my virtical display tank. I close Nov 7th on new home and am looking for a big saltwater tank, stand, fish etc. I have 5 fish now in a tiny 10 gal tank until I move in. If you know anyone looking to get rid of their saltwater set let me know.
I just moved I need a few things shelves
Do you have an apple/pear tree? Do you have any unwanted fruit? I would be happy to come and pick it or take it off your hands. Thank you
Sept. 23 We need a 3 - 4 shelf unit that would be about waist high or a little higher, and preferably has doors (for storage) on the bottom cabinet level. It needs to be less than 3-4 feet wide. Depth doesn't matter. It must be sturdy, but i could paint it if it was dinged up. our charitable clinic is in Bolingbrook, but i'd pick up in surrounding areas for the right unit. thanks for your consi...
I am getting a service dog and need help with getting the basics for a new dog Mainly: compactable crate, bowls, leash, collar, harness, toys, bed, and even food if you have some that doesn t work for your dog.
I am looking for a treadmill. Or something similar. Thank you
I will be distributing books to people who cannot afford them or do not have access to a library (nursing homes, homeless/domestic violence shelters, impoverished/at risk children etc.). I am looking for donations of books, small to medium plastic bins, and a collapsible wagon for this purpose. Anything you have would be greatly appreciated!
Need a traditional dog house for a senior collie.
This is my first post so please be patient. I am in need of free washable winter coats for our church's FREE clinic on 9/29/2018. I am in need of kids junior size coats and adult large, extra large and larger size coats I will not say no to any washable coat since we always have a large crowd. Also winter hats, gloves, boots, etc. Please visit www.TLBR.org to find out more about our clinic
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